Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looks fine but not 100% perfect yet....Did some changes to my blog’s template.

I tried using Configure Header feature provided by Blogger to add new background image but the result is not what i wanted. The image wasn’t properly placed over the original position. It was slightly shifted to the right side. (Go to Layout Tab, click on Page Elements and follows by the Edit for Header)

To resolve this problem, I use Edit HTML to modify the HTML code directly. I uploaded my image to Googlepages and copied the image URL and paste it onto the following codes....It work as what you seeing it now. I also changed the header font and side header font to Cambria and text fond to Calibri. (Thanks to the tip from a website).

#header-wrapper {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
font: normal normal 100% Cambria;
background: url(paste your image URL here) no-repeat top;

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att said...

To get a url for you pic, you can also start a new post, insert the picture you want to use to the new post. After you are done inserting, blogger will create a url for your picture. If you don't delete the blog you just create, the link to your pic will be as permanent as your blog page. You don't need to publish the blog you just created, just as it.